Surface Preparation

Surface preparation methods and equipment

Proper substrate preparation is required to obtain the desired functional and mechanical characteristics formulated into a specific powder coating. Proper selection of the preparation method is one of the most important tasks that a powder coater must do to achieve the best finish possible. When you come to Las Vegas Powder Coating we have several issues to consider when planning for, or managing, the preparation method, some of the most important issue we face are.

  1. Parts:
    Size, configuration, materials of construction, and quantity.

  2. Handling:
    Production requirements, equipment capacity, racking and labor requirements.

  3. Quality:
    Prior to coating, and post coating

The purpose of the surface preparation method is to produce a part of sufficient quality and the best adhesion possible. Las Vegas Powder Coating offers several methods of preparation that can be used.

  1. Spray Wand Applications
  2. Media Blasting

Each of these methods must provide the same function of surface preparation, which is cleaning parts prior to the powder coating process. Each method has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, such as type and degree of soil, part size and configuration. Powder coating requires a high quality cleaning and preparation process.

Spray Wand Pretreatment Systems:
This is one method of pretreatment that we Las Vegas Powder Coating utilizes, Our system employs the use of an electric motor to power a pump that pressurizes the solution through a heating coil to a hose and hand held wand. Cleaning, phosphate, and rinsing chemicals are introduced, individually, into the water supply be chemical injector system downstream of the heating coil. Our system is also able to use ether steam cleaning or regular hot water.

Media Blasting:
The other method Las Vegas Powder Coating utilizes is media blasting. The equipment we us is a 7h'x6w'x13'L enclosed walk in booth for larger parts, and the other is a cabinet style for smaller parts. This allows for the best overall strength, adhesion, and quality of the finished powder coating process. Media blasting also allows us to remove rust, scaling, old paint/powder coating.